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This is Mission.

Design To Execution

From CAD to CAM to shelves, we have created an array of premium products built to last. Our products are used in various industries including astronomy, automotive, marine sports, locomotives, and harvesting.

Extensive Experience

With twenty years of working with stainless steel, aluminum alloys, and plastics, we know how to bring your vision to life. Though our primary focus is horizontal and vertical CNC machining and turning, our work extends to tube forming, welding, and finishing as well. 


Our Services

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CNC Machining

Our CNC machine shop can design and machine parts to your exacting tolerances. 

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We can cut, bend, and weld into existence any mild or stainless steel product you dream of.

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We also offer graining, polishing, powder coating, and anodizing as secondary operations.

For Our Wake Products

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